Bubble Witch Saga 2 acquires music playing in the backround. There are a diffrent set of music/harmony song/hummed/tuned or done by a certain thing. Each level type has its own music theme. It however isn't the same as Bubble Witch Saga (1) nor Bubble Saga. 

List of SongsEdit

"clear the top" (classic)Edit

An angel song which is like a song we sing.

level type music: "clear the top" (classic)

feeling: Angels

"free the ghost"Edit

A romantic song,this is the favorite song of many people as it contains ghost references. many people like ghosts.

level type music: "free the ghost"

feeling: Romantic ghosts

"save the animals"Edit

This song is boring. It plays in 4/4 rate.

level type music: "save the animals"

feeling: Childish 

Level SelectEdit

In the beggining this song plays happily,but in the end it ends with romanticness. 

level type music: N/A

feeling: Mix


  • Bubble Witch Saga 2 music is a happier version of the original Bubble Witch Saga. (1)
  • "free the ghost" music is entirely different!